Cerita Cinta dari Sehelai Scarf (dan lainnya)

When Five FellCan the things we love, love us back just the same? Five household objects express their feelings toward their owner when she begins to neglect them for someone else. “When Five Fell”, (another) brilliant short movie from Wong Fu Productions. Romantic genius! Watch the movie by clicking here.

“We delight in the promise of falling for love.
We crumble in the dread of falling from love.
Everyone falls. EVERYTHING falls.”

The morning, is when she lingers. It’s before the world wants anything from her. And, that’s when she’s most beautiful. It’s true not many saw her like that. But I can’t say I was the only one. Even though we each had our own beginnings, mornings like this, were shared between us all.

The Glasses:

She used to tell people that it was like the world was strung with a dull piece of charcoal. That was before me. Now that she sees things my way, everything makes a little more sense. This is me. If I’m in for anything, it’s to show her the world. Is that so bad?

The Phone:

The quiet morning like the many before it, calm, comfortable. But comfort can be terribly blinding. The difference with this particular morning, is in a call.

She smiles. For who? I can’t see anymore. She tells me she wants to be a raindrop. She doesn’t mind falling, as long as she’s not alone. And raindrops, are never alone. She always has a new story to tell me. Today, it’s about being a raindrop. I wish I could have been there, because stories aren’t always enough. And words, can only go so far. This is me. Sometimes I wonder if she’s still talking to me, or I’m just eavesdropping. It used to be everyday, sometimes for hours, sometimes for minutes. Healthy relationships are based on communication. But her words, however sweet and real, sound so distant. Now, they flow past me effortlessly, as if they were meant for someone else.

The Umbrella:

She must know what she does to me. Her every touch, every time she holds my hand, every time she holds me close. This is me. If you hold my hand, I’ll be yours forever. A simple promise. That’s all I can offer. Is it enough? It may be too late for me, it may be too late.

The Scarf:

Anyone can look from a distance. A stranger can look from a distance. What’s so special about that? But to know her scent, means something else. It means, we’ve been close, closer than anyone else. I dare say I’m lucky. But when she doesn’t want me, or she’s away, and it’s just her scent, with me. I can only feel, forgotten. This is me, left behind. Am I the stranger now?

The Cup:

There are those nights, where it’s just the two of us. And she softly hides in her own thoughts, and only one thing seems to melt the cold silence. A kiss. This is me. Ask me what the perfect day tastes like? And I’ll say, Her lips. She was my first kiss, it has to mean something, something sure and true. Because a taste of a pure kiss can’t be sure, it’s the dreadfully romantic idea. But there can be only one. The question is, am I, her only one? I’m afraid the truth will break me. But her kiss is convincing. I’m not her only one.

She said she wanted to be a raindrop, but today it finally broke us. She had found her own default, her own default form. Today, she was a raindrop.


(The script above and the beautiful note below was taken from this. Thank you!)

The glasses represent sight. In a relationship, there are times when our one desire is to share with the other person. We hope to offer a new perspective. To learn and grow from each other in that way. To show the world. Unfortunately, nothing stays clear forever. Many things can blind us: jealousy, doubt, over thinking, and ironically, comfort.

The phone represents hearing. Relationships can’t exist without listening and communication. Sometimes, circumstances prevent people from communicating face to face. That distance greatly effects them. We hear about experiences when what we really want is to live them. Words can only go so far. The phone is interesting because it is constantly eavesdropping on our talks. What would that feel like? To always be talked to but never the subject of conversation. It must hurt to be so unknowingly ignored.

The umbrella represents touch. The very simple idea of being close enough to touch someone. Physical contact. To be able to hold, cover, protect. These are basic parts of a relationship we hope to fulfill. Essentially an umbrella reflects occasional necessity. But who would want that? To feel needed when it’s only convenient.

The scarf represents smell. The intimacy of knowing someones scent is very special. It’s a privilege that isn’t easily shared and is often overlooked. It may sound ridiculous, but who are the people you can identify with smell? Most likely those that you are very close with. People you have known for more than awhile. Also, scents can fade. Physical contact carries and transfers a scent but when that contact disappears, the scent is no longer.

The cup represents taste. More specifically, the cup represents a kiss. And a kiss is the most universal symbol of love and affection. The fact that it describes a first kiss is even more significant. A first kiss is innocent and naive. We cherish it as though it will last forever. But when the cup is broken, the kiss is no longer possible– just like a relationship.

A pair of glasses that goes blind. A phone that resorts to eavesdropping. An umbrella that longs to be held. A scarf that treasures scent. A cup that wants to be kissed. These are the ways I tried to personify the objects to show they fell in and out of love. Between the five, viewers should be able to relate to different dimensions and roles of a relationship. Whether it’s budding in the early stages, the challenge of long distance, slowly fading feelings, or losing out to someone else. Even the order of the objects in the short show a progression in the relationship. Starting from looking and eventually moving onto touching.