Kenangan Tempurung Kerang

What if we had a chance to remember things that we never actually experienced?

ShellShell. Another great romantic short movie from Wong Fu Productions!

Nervous. Not sure if I can tell. But for one single arbitrary moment, I gathered enough courage and whispered something in her ear. Something I have always known but never told her. Holding my breath only makes my heart beat faster. She looks at me for the first time differently, but with the same eyes I fell in love with…

“The sound of the ocean, captured in a shell… like a memory.”
“Imagine if it held something different? Something more than just the sound, but just as real?”
“What if we had the chance to remember things that we never actually experienced?”
“What good is it if it didn’t happen? No one would believe it.”
“You would believe it. It’s about the feeling, that’s what matters.”

See the movie here.